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PointX® / PointX Pro

The only photo location-based app that lets you save, find and share your location by simply snapping a photo. When you're on foot trying to find a business, your car, your friends, or your way back, PointX gets you there!


Radar to guide you to Meetups with your friends. Self-Guiding Radar App that lets you find family & friends in crowds and locate marked spots easily, privately and securely, in areas and situations where maps are impractical or nonexistent.


Find you friends using PointX. Simply take a photo of where you are, share with friends, and PointX will guide your friends to your exact location. PointX makes it so easy to find your friends - simply snap a photo to say, "Meet Me Here."


Broadcast Directories and Photo Locations to nearby PointX and DirectoyX users.


Use with TrackerX® GPS Tracking devices for easy setup and tracking. Simply install the app, scan your TrackerX® GPS device Bar Code, and select your own personalized PIN. That is it! You’re now ready to track your GPS device.

Rio Guide

This app will guide you to all the Stadiums and Arenas in Rio de Janeiro during the Summer Games in 2016.
RIO Guide: Directory for Stadiums & Arenas

Radar Guided GPS Tracking Devices

The only tracking devices that uses Self-Guided Radar Technology™ by PointX® to help you locate and get to your devices in areas when there are no maps or a physical address. Best for use in parking lots, when travelling, remote outdoor, areas, theme parks, and more...

Few seconds to setup. Simply Download app, Scan device, choose PIN, start tracking!

One time low cost of $99-$129. No monthly fees. No contract. Fully Activated.

Radar Self-Guiding Technology™ to exact location, in remote areas, or areas with no maps, or physical address.

Most advanced and Easy to use App and Web access by PointX®

Add Authorized Users to track the same device by sharing PIN.

Highest quality materials and construction.

1 Year warranty and Tech Support.

Large volume discounts for fleets and business customers.

Brandon II Bike Reflector/Light GPS Tracker

Brandon II Bike Reflector/Light GPS Tracker

The ideal bicycle GPS Tracker in the form of a rear reflector and functional light. Easily attaches.


Alex III Personal GPS Tracker Plus+ Extended Battery

Alex III Personal GPS Tracker Plus+ Extended Battery

Heavy-duty Personal GPS Tracker with Extended Battery Life of up to 25 days on standby.


Jessica II Car Plug-in OBD-II Tracker

Jessica II Car Plug-in OBD-II Tracker

Most advanced and simple to install car tracker and locator.Simply plug the device in to the OBD-II port* .


Scarlett II GPS Tracker

Scarlett II GPS Tracker

Advanced GPS Commercial-Grade Tracker. With Powerful Magnet and 3 Month standby battery life between charges.




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This Tech helps you to find your lost stuff.

"..This falls in the 'Why didn't I think of that?!' category."
This Tech helps you to find your lost stuff Tech By Marc Saltzman.

Inventergy Signs Letter of Intent with Approach Me

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 13, 2017) - Inventergy Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVT) ("Inventergy"), an intellectual property monetization company, announced today that Inventergy Innovations, LLC, Inventergy's subsidiary that focuses on technology licensing, has entered into a letter of intent with Approach Me, Inc., a company that develops innovative location-based mobile applications. As part of the engagement, Inventergy Innovations will obtain commercialization rights to Approach Me's technology.

Joe Beyers, CEO of Inventergy, stated, "Location-based mobile applications and services are high growth markets and we are excited to partner with Approach Me to monetize its unique innovations. Approach Me's technology adds new dimensionality...



Approach Me, Inc.

1680 Civic Center Drive, Suite 220 Santa Clara, CA 95050 USA